Saturday, November 1, 2008

soccer time!

oh, man, i love soccer games! i love to see logan loving sports and and he has really enjoyed playing soccer! i love to see him sweating from playing hard... i love to watch him pick off every piece of grass on his socks when he falls (before he'll keep playing)....i love to see him wave at me from the field...i love to see him miss the perfect shot cuz he has to switch sides to kick with his left foot...i love to see him kick the ball away from a teammate cuz they haven't quite figured out to work as a team...its all sooo much fun!

just a cute little fan....

these next three are particularly hilarious as these are logan doing a crazy dance cuz they made a goal. not necessarily logan making the goal...he dances for every goal the team makes! he has quite the reputation on the team for celebrating each time we score. everyone on the stands waits to see what he will do....and he knows it!! its so funny to see that side of him cuz a lot of times he's more shy, but here, if someone on his team scores...he rallies the stands by doing a dance!! i have no idea why he feeds off attention! :)

yep...they still make tunnels to run thru at the end of every game!

his first soccer team... go scorpions!!!

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