Monday, April 18, 2016

conference in kentucky

a couple months ago, carleigh and brian were here and we were randomly talking, and brian mentioned he was going to kentucky for a pastors conference in april....that's when we realized we were all going to the same conference!! we didn't have room arrangements, so we booked a house together! the conference was good, but it was amazing to be away for the week with my sister! we got to try out some fun places to eat...took one morning off to visit churchill downs and the kentucky derby museum....LAUGHED A LOT....and had icecream at the two rival places in town...which, the comfy cow clearly won that debate....and just had a great time being away together!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

14 glorious years

each anniversary just gets better and better. i'm so thankful for the husband and father andy is to our family. he serves us sacrificially and loves us all so well. thankful for these 14 years, and praying for so many more!! we are going out of town for a conference next week, so we just went to lunch. karis and declan were still in town, so we all celebrated with a burger and shake from grub burger....
had such a blast with Declan visiting. he is such a happy and interactive kid! he smiles so easily and will randomly just laugh....he keeps us all grinning and his smile is so contagious! we can't wait to see this personality continue to grow!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

girls day

its been awhile since all the girls have gotten away. we planned a trip to waco to visit the new magnolia market and have lunch together. the morning of, hattie woke up sick, so stacy didn't get to come...:(...still, we had a blast together, and LAUGHED A LOT. enjoyed looking around at magnolia...then we had lunch at a little place downtown called "the olive branch". then a little more shopping before heading home. always, always a great time with my sisters/besties!!


this stage of life has us working with lots of college students. which then has us going to lots of weddings!!!! which we LOVE....and even have the privilege of being super involved with pre-marital counseling and officiating. it is truly a special part of our ministry....well, this one was in dripping springs for zack and jill lecroy. we got to take the whole family, and seriously had a blast. we went exploring at reimers ranch park...the weather was beautiful and it was some great family time before getting dolled up for the wedding!!
part of the fun of these weddings are getting to visit with special friends. we love those atwaters!!
and my girl, kasey. she is next up on our weddings!!!!!
we usually forget...but we got a quick shot with the bride and groom!!


the latter half of spring break was camping time!! as the boys get older, camping is becoming more enjoyable...we went to fredericksburg...jellystone park. this was one of our first experience of the boys actually tent camping. the girls slept in the camper and boys camped. and we tried something new and let logan bring a andrew buban came also. overall....the trip was super fun....but it did have some catches to it, as friday night it rained...thankfully, only one out of the three tents had standing water...logan threw up after some sketch mexican also got SUPER we crammed 13 of us into the camper. an adventure for sure...but it was a great trip. it had a game room with pool tables, a jumping pillow, and a swimming pool (which the boys actually did swim one day, despite the water being freezing)...and a few other activities. always love that vandy time!
one day we went to enchanted rock national park. a super fun climb...though not all of us went to the top.