Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i always have a few pics that i want to put out here, but not a story for a whole post...so here's a few random shots...

tysen and dad working on his bike...

our 2nd annual girls weekend...

tysen and i with our matching outfits...

my boys...all in need of haircuts... :):)

my little loggie has started baseball!!!

spring break

over spring break, we did a quick trip to dfw to visit family. we spent on day with my family (and luckily got everyone there for dinner)...and the next day we spent the day with andy's family...then headed home! it was short and sweet, but we were thankful for some quality time! even if i always forget to take a lot of pictures...but here's just a couple...

(adam was working the next day when we saw the vandys, so he came to visit us in arlington)

i didn't get many pictures with the vandys, but i did get some of my sweet nephew, gra, in his cool shirt! (from me, of course)

Friday, March 9, 2012

icecream emergency!!

its friday night. and next week is spring break. this called for something crazy!!! andy and i decided we were going to scrap the schedule and bedtimes...and make a memory with our boys. but we didn't tell them!!

we started with our traditional vanderveer movie night...dinner in the living room with a movie! and we moved the mattresses into the living room for fun!

then we put the boys to bed...about 10 min later we ran back into the rooms and told them we had an emergency. an ICECREAM EMERGENCY! i think we kinda scared them...but it didn't take them long to figure it out. there were huge smiles as they grabbed their shoes and coats and loaded them into the car for an icecream run!

we got home with all our favorite picks (which luckily were all on sale!)...and we surprised them with another movie for icecream!!!

not everyone made it through the second movie though...:)

now that was a night full of memories!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

school stuff...

tonight was open house for the boys school...plus the 2nd grade musical! they are both awesome students and their teachers always have such great things to say about them!

visiting the classrooms:

i was so sad when logan said the teacher asked him to have a speaking part, and he declined...

:( but he still did awesome in the esemble!