Thursday, January 12, 2017

post christmas fun

we stayed in DFW for the week, since we had a wedding on new year's eve...we had a lot of post christmas fun!! dinner and shopping with mom, while the boys hit six flags for a bit...trampoline park and half price books...movies with ana and papaw...the brotherhood yearly date with jenn....and topped off the week with melissa and jordan's wedding!!

christmas fun

CHRISTMAS!! we usually start at mom's house...we had a blast dipping pretzels and getting ready for the whole crew on christmas. the day included our traditional christmas brunch, opening stockings from mom, cousin's exchange...and we added in some dramatic watching of planet earth shows...:)
on to the vandy's for our evening of appetizers and finger foods...the kid's presents, and then the gift exchange in which the theme was stocking stuffers...and then a brother's jam session...

a december run-through...

tysen ran his first kid's the last second he asked andy to run with dad ran with him in his jeans...:)
our sweet friend, cynthia, invited us over to make chinese dumplings! we had fun meeting some of her friends and entering her world!
we set aside an evening for some family time, and decided to make ginger bread houses. the boys had a lot of fun...and i was surprised at how they got into it. some was just to eat the candy, but they did enjoy building their houses....
always a pleasure to get to host our elder christmas party. we are blessed with the leaders in our church!!!


thanksgiving was great. we took family pictures on both sides of the family...and everyone survived. we had some great time with all the cousins, and the whole visit to DFW was really fun!