Monday, January 16, 2012

he is his daddy's little boy...

today was a holiday, so the boys were out of school....its days like these that i realize the artistic ability of my 6 year old, ian, far surpasses me at age 32. he sat and drew and colored, then cut out all these little help at all. he said he saw a picture of them on the computer, but he wasn't looking at any pictures when he drew them...and now ian and tysen are playing with them like action precious.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

trains and vanderveers

during our visit over christmas, we decided to ride the train out to dallas and visit the train display at northpark mall. it was a little more taxing than i expected...but it was a fun and new thing to do with part of the family!

everyone's waiting for the train to pull up!

on the train having donuts for breakfast...

haley and logan

christmas with cousins

9 cousins...they just barely still fit on the couch...

the weather was beautiful outside, so we went to park for awhile...there was a little dock that the kids sat on to feed the ducks. that might become a tradition as long as the weather is nice each was a blast!


i was pretty lazy about taking pictures at Christmas...i think i got a few...but this was the one shot with all three of the boys...and other than the new video game logan got...this was everyones favorite thing!! they get their pjs on early now so they can wear their cozy robes...:)

we headed out for dfw before lunch to start the family christmas time! it was our first time to be "out of town"...and we were soooo grateful that the Lord had provided us with a way to buy a minivan before this trip! we traveled comfortably for the first time in awhile. the boys had plenty of stretching argueing ...ah, it was great!

austin for a day...

funny what you will do to keep busy with 3 kids. 3 weeks off of school and 3 super high energy boys...well, i called up one of my college roommates (who also has 3 boys but lives in san antonio) out of the blue to see if she would meet me in austin for lunch! we laugh about that being crazy, but we had such a great time! we met up at central market where the boys could run and be hyper and active. thank the Lord it was beautiful weather...and they lasted all afternoon! our boys always play great together...sure wish they lived closer!! :)

elijah and logan are only 2 months apart (and when they were born, we actually lived across the street from each other)...and if we lived closer, they would definitely be best friends! they both love sports, and spent 90% of the day playing football together.

here's all 6 boys! ian, tysen, levi, isaac, elijah, and logan...