Wednesday, April 24, 2013

my littlest guy...

well, my littlest guy is now 5!! he can't wait to start kindergarten next year! 
a few things that tysen loves:
favorite food: cheese pizza
favorite shows: ninjago, ben10, and power rangers
favorite movie: wreck it ralph
favorite things to do: jump on the trampoline with your brothers (playing power rangers), wrestle with your dad, read, starting to love coloring, being with friends.
you make us laugh daily...your thoughts and words seem so much older than 5! you are very intelligent, very loving, nurturing, caring, sweet, tender hearted....yet you are also high energy, crazy, and love to climb non-stop all over dad. you light up a room with your sweet adore your brothers and dad, and yet will still snuggle with me during movies. you love Jesus...and relate day to day activities to Bible stories all the time! you are very close with your pre-k teachers! they already get teary eyed thinking of when you will leave them for kindergarten! you have the kindest heart...and you get very upset and sad when you get in trouble. we love you soooo much...and can't wait to see how much you will grow this year!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


dad/g-pa was in town and asked what we could do...the boys have been asking to go bowling, so that's what we did! it was really fun, and surprisingly, tysen beat us all in the first game! his first time bowling....with bumpers...but he scored 103!!  


you can't totally tell from the picture, but tysen and andy were both wearing the exact blue v-neck shirts with khaki was awesome!

Monday, April 1, 2013

late march

late march was a whirlwind...we went to austin for a few days to help with the memorial service for uncle butch...that was really special for andy and joey to get to do the service. 
in other news...ian got a haircut, the boys did some crazy mustache artistry, and we had a fun easter!

mid march

mid march was spring break! we did a cousin swap...ian and tysen went to stay with zach, reagan, and grant...and i got audrey, kenzie, aubren and milia! stacy came too since trey was out of town. i had a blast having all the girls!! we took a trip to the mall to pick out some jewelry...and of course get a pretzel. and they loved hanging out in the hot tub!
 went to switch back the kiddos, and i stayed the rest of the week with mom to help after her surgery...
 big thanks to haley who helped me with ian and tysen on the day i spent in the hospital with mom. they had a blast with their cousin! who they affectionately call the "hugging monster"...:)

early march

early march we got a visit from mom and the spooners...they made it in time to see the boys last basketball game, so that was fun! we took them to "grub" for amazing burgers! the girls did a little shopping, and hit the hot tub...etc. etc. :)

the next weekend we went to denton...andy was preaching for crosspointe to have lunch with a few of the newlys group...

 and even though it was short, it was fun to see their buddy luke stewart!