Wednesday, September 16, 2015


the second half of our trip up north was visiting joe and barbara magby! they have been such a special part of our lives the past year, and we are so sad to see them move back to tacoma...we know the Lord has been leading them...and super excited to see what He is doing up there! it was perfect timing since we were up there at whidbey island, so we spent two extra days just hanging out with them! they showed us around tacoma...and then went into seattle one day and showed us the city!! it was beautiful...and so fun to spend extended time together! we did some shopping, saw a movie in recliners!! in seattle, we visited the starbucks roastery....went to the pike place farmers market...ate at athena's (the restaurant that was in the movie, sleepless in seattle), visited an alley covered in gum, and took another ferry ride!! i was hoping to see whales, but i did get to see an otter and a sea lion hanging out! we absolutely loved our whole trip!

whidbey island

a weekend i had been looking forward to for awhile!!! kyle atwater and sarah telaneus got married!!! two very special people...and with the wedding up in washington state...we got to take advantage of some time alone together...i love traveling with this man. he is my soulmate and best friend. we had such a great time exploring the island and hanging out...
we rode the ferry over to the island, and dropped our things off at our rented room in the log cabin! we had the rehearsal dinner that night, but then all morning on saturday was just for us. we visited langley, washington and had a great breakfast and just walked around. we still make each other laugh constantly...and just have a blast.
saturday afternoon was the wedding. a beautiful location...on the top of hill overlooking the ocean. it was amazing to see these two get married. we are so honored to be a part of it and just love them to pieces! it was fun to see some old friends and really special to witness kyle and sarah's wedding!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

happy 10th birthday to ian!!

this kid. double digits. i know i should say i can't believe it...but i totally can. ian always feels older than he is...he has always been pretty mature and sometimes quiet, which can make him feel older. he truly has a heart of gold. he is so caring and loving. so gentle and sweet. he loves little kids...i mean, loves them! he will choose to sit and play with a younger kid instead of doing something on his own. he actually asked me the other day if he could have invite our 3 yr old neighbor inside to play...anyone with younger kids sees it and comments on how great he is with little kids.
he loves the Lord, and it shows. he has deep insights to scripture...and is always really thoughtful in responses to bible studies and questions. he is a hugger and wants to cuddle on the couch when we watch tv. he needs alone time to recharge...he always apologizes right away when i get on to him for anything. he loves 3 meat pizza. and corn dogs. he sneezes and is congested constantly from milk intolerance, but he will use oils and say its worth it for pizza. :) he loves movies and all things super heros. if there's any lull in a conversation he will start a "who would beat who" discussion on super heros. i love that he still enjoys legos...and guys....such a kid at heart, but beginning to transform into a young man. you are sooooo loved, big e.
he wanted to have a small party, but did NOT want to go swimming. :) so i suggested a scavenger hunt...took a few of his buddies and they opened clues that directed them to their next destination. they all seemed to really enjoy it! we ended up at the park for pizza and jello cake!
bff: tyler prince ...they are literally two peas in a pod. they don't go to the same school anymore, but they still adore each other and must have the other around!!
buddies: tyler, brady, ian, jace, and tj
first stop: tj's house down the street
stop 2: friend raegan who worked at lifeway
stop 3: friend alexis who baked AMAZING minecraft cookies!!
stop 4: dollar tree to pick out a toy
stop 5: they had to unscramble the spell out "playground" which was our last stop!
mom and dad were exhausted. we just sat while the boys played!!