Thursday, December 11, 2014

thanksgiving 2014

its becoming a tradition to get to see g-pa the tuesday before thanksgiving...the boys got to meet his new dog, wolfie. wow. they totally fell in love!!  they giggled so much and wore the poor thing out! but so sweet....time is always rushed, but we are always thankful for our time with our families!!!
wed morning we headed out for arlington...
by friday we headed to fort worth to see andy's family. spent some time at the pond feeding the ducks...

logan. 11. i'm not freaking out at all.

eleven. i can still handle this. but seriously, we are super close to 13...we are pre-teen now. bah!!! logan lives and breathes football. 
he is such a social butterfly. he needs his friends...they play almost every day together. i'm so grateful for our neighborhood. he does love video games...but he will choose friends over games, and i love that. he wants to be an NFL or NBA player...and still loving a&m. he loves minecraft...and is almost finished reading the harry potter series. favorite food is burgers or pizza. and he and i both share a love for dark chocolate. such a sweet don't always see it...:):) but we get glimpses here and there that just warm my heart. he is bold and courageous. he will tell his friends all about my essential oils and how they work. he invites all his friends to come to wednesday night church...we are up to 5 extra boys that go with us on wed nights. such a special kid.

he has a great group of friends...and for the 3rd year in a row...we have had a football party. that's all he wants to do. play football. so we went to a park this time to change up the scenery...and they played football. and he got 4 footballs from his friends. :) they know him well. 
family dinner at texas roadhouse...
i asked logan for a picture, and he was being all goofy...then i said, "you know i'm going to put this on instagram, right?"....immediately, i got this adorable smile...i'll have to try that more often!
he has been saving his money for almost a year...he finally had enough for his own how hard he worked to save!!!

in betweens

some in between pictures. i'm not totally sure when they were taken... 
the aggies had a terrible game...and andy was getting on to me saying i couldn't do a thumbs down in this town. but it was that bad of a game.
family time...straight A's at school means free ice cream at spoons!!
we attempted a "kazee girl" weekend at aunt anns....stacy got sick and couldn't come...and a couple of mine were sick too so we just did a day thing...but so fun to spend time with auntie!!
logan. just no words can express my love for my boys!!

goodbye october

october was so crazy. we were gone every weekend...and then finished off with halloweenies. always a fun ministry outreach...i forgot to get a picture of the boys together...but at least had a shot of them...
the aftermath is always the best part..organizing and trading candy. love those bonding boy moments.

finishing up october

i don't know how or why, but i always get behind. sigh. so here comes the catch up posting...
at the end of october we got to go to canyon creek lake and stay in a beautiful lakehouse with some great friends. the batlucks, the fannings, the arenders, and the falcones....oh man. we needed this. it was so peaceful...the kids just played constantly, while the adults got tons of chill time was so refreshing!!!  i already want to go back.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

the after party

the weekend after the wedding in mexico, adam and yvette had a reception in was super fun...great food...and loved that the boys were in on this "party"...:) 
we stayed the night at joey and kyles...i always love to snap these "twin" shots...:) thankfully, the boys were out of school for columbus day on we got to spend the day at 6 Flags! it was slightly chilling in the morning... but there weren't a lot of crowds at first, so that was nice. sadly, there was a technical difficulty that basically shut the whole park down for about an hour...we had lunch during that time, but then after that point, the lines for rides were way too long! we did get to hit up the kids halloween area, and they enjoyed that! love our season passes from ana and papaw!! :)