Monday, April 21, 2014


i always love church on easter because everyone picks their most springy colors and its so bright and cheerful. which is perfect as its the day Christ has risen...and its like everything just comes to life with HIM!! we always do an easter guys are getting so big...soon, they will be stooping to my height...

catch up

i'm always getting ready for a post (like today's tysens birthday)...and then realize that i'm behind on my stories, so i have to catch up before i can post about tysen's birthday!! 
a few weeks ago, our long lost "adopted son" came to visit...the boys said he is like their older brother...and he really is. its so fun to have him around....
(group shot with sarah beth hudspeth and sarah telaneus visiting too!!)

logan turned 10 this year, which means he is up for his first trip with dad!!  he had a few choices, but oddly enough, he just wanted to stay in a hotel somewhere and go eat at golden corral. so...that's what they did! great father/son bonding...

and sam got his aggie ring!! which, in every other part of the world is just normal...but here in aggieland, its a HUGE deal....most of the family came in and we had a great time celebrating sam! as usual, i was just being a rebel, but i actually do like the aggies now...:) 
i loved this shot of the "oldest" and the "youngest" cousin at this point in time!