Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mothers day

mother's day was actually busy this year...we had a dinner on saturday night, and each of the boys picked had picked a piece of jewelry for me. logan picked the short necklace, ian picked the "v" ring, and tysen picked the longer necklace. they all did quite well!!  we had dinner at longhorns steakhouse...and picked up cookies for dessert. andy got me a gift card to charming charlies, and a waffle maker! i felt so boys did good!
after church, i was headed to dfw...mainly to help linda pack the house since they are moving next week...but i was able to stop in arlington to surprise mom! most of the siblings were taking her to a movie and dinner, so that was really fun to crash and get to hang with everyone for awhile!
mom and her 6 kids...we almost never are without kids and spouses, so this was unique to just be with the adult siblings! we were missing trey, so we pulled up a photo on the phone so we could keep him in the picture!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

visting up north

we made a quick trip up north to visit a few people...first stop was at the fannings!!  we got to meet little cameron...(he looks thrilled doesn't he?) :) it was really great to have a little time to catch up and hang with such special friends!!!
next stop was at a park in denton...we had a few friends stop by to say hi...thankfully the weather was so nice outside, so we stayed for awhile. of course, kyle came out and the boys just latched on to one point, i just looked up, and they were all sitting together and i had to get that picture!!! so grateful for someone who loves our boys so much...they sure love him!
next stop was carrollton!!!  we couldn't wait to meet our new niece olivia jane!! we had some great chill time....pooltime....and even rounded the weekend off at six flags. it was super fun weekend!!!
uncle andy was smitten from the start....
i got my traditional "aunt" shirt (and even found an uncle one for andy!)...livi wasn't too sure of why i dressed her up! she held that look for a good full minute or so...i was crying i was laughing so hard, cuz she wasn't even blinking! she just stared with these crazy eyes like "what. the. heck."  barely a month, and already cracking us up!

tysen is 6!

it's a weird feeling when the baby of the family starts to grow up. i actually really love it...people may think i'm horrible...but i just love the personalities that come out with age. and let's be real...tysen had a BIG personality. still super expressive, animated, active, energy filled little boy!!  he runs from the moment he wakes up until the moment we make him go to bed. he makes us laugh, and amazes us with his sensitive and concerning side...he is so loving and kindhearted. his favorite foods are chicken nuggets, cheese pizza, cherries, and watermelon. his favorite color is purple. favorite things to do is play with "guys" and jump on the trampoline ...and he will do anything if his brothers are participating. such a joy to have this little man in our family!
he wanted to have a "lego" themed party...ian loved helping him make things for decoration!