Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh Dear...

I walked out today wearing a long tank underneath a smaller tee...that's ok, right? Layers are in...and that's the thing to do is wear a longer shirt underneath a shorter shirt. (i'm so thankful that the short shirts are NOT in style anymore!)
So, Logan appraised my outfit, and then said, "mom, i think you should take off that long shirt."
I said, "no, honey, then my shirt would be too short"
and he said, "yeah, i know, then i could see your belly button...that's cool".
Lord give me wisdom to train my child in the way he should go!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

new videos

Andy uploaded several new videos of the boys...they are all on facebook, which you do have to have an account for...so if you don't, i'm really sorry, but i don't feel like uploading them all again to youtube. :) you can look on andy's profile page for all of them....

the one below is my favorite... the boys rocking out to their favorite song "hosanna" by starfield. notice how they really know all the words...and how i'm pretty sure ian is going to be a rockstar, or an actor. :)

boys singing

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tysen!

Happy Birthday Tysen!!! He's finally walking more consistently...he's been taking steps for about a month...and now he actually walks to things on his own...once he figures out how to stand without pulling up on things, he'll be all over the place! :)
there's a little video here:
We took the boys to celebrate at Chucky E. Cheese!

my attempt at a family picture...

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Last 1st Bday Party!

it is my "suggestion" to the Lord, that tysen is my last baby...:) andy gets nervous when we are emphatic about it, so this is my new way of saying "we're done"....
SO -each milestone has new meaning to us and tysen's first bday is a big one! :) we love our little guys so much...and tysen has not by any means been an 'easy' kid...but he is full of life and energy, and we adore that in him! happy birthday baby boy! (he'll be 1 on the 21st)
the messy progression:

the Easter egg hunt...tysen is off in the right corner with me! though he would just grab one egg, and want to sit and play with it...

me, tysen and my mom (granny)
every time mom has all her grandkids, she insists on getting a picture with them all. kind of difficult with 7 kids under 5....i just found it interesting to see the typical age response:
1yr - crying ... 2-3yr - cooperating .... 5yr - absolutely annoyed....

a very blessed family...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bits and pieces

we had a family movie night last week, and pulled out the mattress and everything. ian and andy went to get the movie, and logan and i made cookies...and of course, its a tradition in our house to lick the beaters...and we save the bowl for daddy. luckily ian was gone...what am going to do when i have 3 little boys, but only 2 beaters?? :)

andy and ian are a little obssessed with dunking their cookies in milk. (ian in his soy milk)

oh, how i love it when my kids enjoy their dinner...its pretty obvious here, right? tysen is signing "all done!"...no amount of wet wipes would clean this child...(don't worry, he got a bath)

this is typical tysen. if you are around him for more than a 1/2 hour, you know.
people, please don't judge me...i'm trying so hard!!! but he screams at everything! and not like a sweet, cute kid scream...its a bloodcurdling scream! i just don't know how to respond...but i'm trying...anyone with has dealt with this is welcome to give me suggestions! :)

andy and i celebrated a sweet 7 year anniversary last night...we went to giusseppi's (a denton italian place), and beth marie's (a denton trademark for icecream)....anyone like my new earrings? andy picked them out all on his own...nice work, huh? :)
"7 years"