Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mother's day

mother's day was pretty chill...the boys gave me a new wallet, slippers and recipe cards...we grabbed subway and ate at the park...we played a little, then went to BJ's for a pizookie. we decided to be a little crazy and went for the pizookie party platter...which is huge. i was quite shocked that we pretty much demolished it. a little proud too...:) the boys were in awe of the giant cookie with icecream...pretty sure they will be requesting that dessert again!!! so grateful for my time with my special boys...

busy weekend

last weekend was pretty busy. we started on friday with a scope procedure on tysen...we are trying to determine why his stomach continues to hurt...and where his reflux is coming from. he was a rockstar and did so good! they put him under, and when he woke up, he was typical happy talkative tysen...just a little more sluggish. they found some swelling and little white spots in his esophagus...which led to the conclusion of the condition called eosinophilic esophagitus...which would indicate there's an allergy present that we don't know about...so, here we go again with the allergies!! at least we are quite familiar with dealing with them!
later that day, brittany and jason fanning came to visit. SO. MUCH. FUN. we always love getting to spend time with them...and grateful they make time for us! we went on a double date on saturday night, and had a great time just being goofy and spontaneous!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

mother and sons

chickfila hosted a mother/son date night....it was super sweet...the boys got to make shields, and they thought it was really cool cuz they all got dessert...:):) its rare to have mother/son events, so it was fun to go out for something special for us!

kyle atwater

sad day at faith bible...kyle atwater (who helped us in the youth from the very beginning when we started) is most likely moving back to denton. i'm still sorta hoping the Lord will throw him for a loop and he will be back next semester...but essentially, this was his last sunday...he was seriously, the best of the best....and he just sorta became a part of our family.  we are now all in mourning...:)
so, after his last LINK, the boys all went to give him a hug bye...and then they all ran and got back in the car...and started the most precious conversation that i wanted to record:
L- (closes car door) - i don't want kyle to leave
E- i know. i'm really sad. (within seconds ian was already crying)
T- mom! ian's crying...
(i reached to the back seat and held his hand and said its ok to be sad...kyle was special and we will miss him...etc)
E- (voice breaking and hiccuping through tears) - i don't want him to go...(more crying) is zack gonna come back? (zack is kyles best friend...another stud leader)
(i told him he was, but not till after christmas cuz he is going to be working)
T- i'm sad. sosososososososososooooo sad. cuz zacks not coming back until after christmas, and that's a long ways away! ian, are you sad about zack?
E - yes, but not as much, cuz he is coming back. and if you were that sad, you would be crying.
T- (turns on the light in the back seat) look, see, mom? i have a tear...see, right there?
me- (looking back) oh, ok...are you ok?
T - yes. i just do this so i have tears (proceeds to GAG himself...what?!?)
me - are you gagging yourself?
T - no. it just gives me tears.
me, L, and E errupt in laughter...hard laughing....
T- stop laughing at me!! (seemingly distraught)
E - but you are crying on purpose!
T - no i'm not!! .......well, kinda. but i'm only kinda crying on purpose!
we laughed SO hard....and it was good to get past the tears....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


things got super crazy/busy for a few weeks...and this past weekend we had nothing going on...which we really needed. we got to do some fun, casual things....
we seriously have a crew of boys in our neighborhood. its so great....and our yard is perfect for a small football field...and the boys love it when andy comes out to play all time quarterback...
every relaxing weekend should include a movie night...so we went out for candy and pizza and watched ice age 4....

kylie and taylor mervish had a dance recital...so we went to watch. it was pretty long (almost 3 hours)...and the boys did amazing. i think they really enjoyed all the different routines...this was their crazy face picture...


just had a few random pics that were fun....
i get a lot of notes from the boys....ian actually...but every now and then i get one so sweet i just have to record it so i don't forget!
its not super close, but logan had a busted lip that he was really proud of...playing catch with his dad, and the baseball missed the glove and hit the lip. ouch. but after awhile he was more excited and wanted a picture.
i think this was tysen's actual birthday...he got to choose "dinner" and he wanted spoons. who wouldn't want icecream for dinner?
we had booth for our church at a college event, and we rented sumo suits for entertainment...the boys got a turn and were highly amused how hard it was...
i just love this shot of andy...right after dinner...chilling on the couch....started snoring. getting old i guess...:)