Monday, July 20, 2015


the day after the fannings left, we packed up and headed off to camp zephyr for the week! one of our favorite weeks of the year! andy does such a great job as the camp pastor...and it's always a blast to spend the week with the joey and kyle vandys....and the snyders! those boys have their own little's so fun! day we were able to go to the north padre beach for the day...

fannings time!!

we had a last minute visit from the fannings!! it's always fun to have people in our area...and super sweet to see our boys bond!! they adored cameron, and he adored them. always an adventure with the fannings!
we decided to try a new restaurant that came highly recommended. but no one told us about the WAIT. they said 20-30...which turned out to be an hour. and none of us had eaten's a miracle that no one had a mega meltdown being hot and hungry! but we survived and finally got in. nobody LOVED their meal...but the pancakes were huge and amazing...
after rest time, had some fun pool time...needed to work up an appetite before taking them to Fuego! last time we took them fuego, jason ordered the wrong taco, and wasn't we had to go again...this time, we ordered for them...and totally redeemed our favorite spot!!