Sunday, December 1, 2013

family pictures

family picture time!!  one of my favorite times of the year...though i'm quite positive i am alone there... as the boys get older...they understand a little more that the more they complain and act grumpy or silly...the LONGER it takes!!  this year...they did AMAZING. thanks to my amazing mom who captures our family so well! we are so blessed.


we love thanksgiving!!!  now that we are out of's a fast-paced trip, but always fun! we drove in on wednesday so we could get family pictures taken (in a later post)...and literally on the drive there i began to get sick. by thursday i felt horrible, and spent most of the day on the couch under my electric blanket. it was still fun to catch up with everyone...but i was super upset that i didn't get to hold hattie at all. :( i always seem to be sick when there's a new baby!!! happened last year when grant was tiny. i was really happy to see lots of game playing this year...electronics can take over and while that's fun sometimes, i love to see cousins actually playing together!! thursday evening (with the help of some meds) carleigh, mom, sam and i ventured out to find some early black friday sales... it was fun, despite not feeling great.
the yearly family picture!! kenzie inspired the second shot where we all covered our faces...:)
we headed over for our vanderveer time on friday morning. i still felt pretty rotten on friday....poor andy had to really keep up with all the boys...very thankful for him!! the boys are really into chess right we borrowed granny's game so they could keep playing. tysen totally made up his own rules, so his version was called "tysen's chess". after having leftovers for dinner, we got a good game of ultimate charades in...and of course lots of pictures!!