Monday, August 22, 2011


we've had a lot of visitors come in the past few weeks. we've really enjoyed having friends and family see where we are and get to be a part of our lives here...

joey, kyle and max came...the boys were sooo happy to have max here! and i think he loved getting to see 'the boys' new home! here's ian and max snuggling for a movie...

kelly karr and kelley butler ford are friends from highschool! it was a blast having a girls night out and remembering our dorky highschool days!!

cousins katie and haley got to come spend several days with us too! one night we had dinner with some friends at church, and katie and logan both caught their first fish! we love summer visits!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

it was a sad day on earth to lose this special man. my granddaddy went home to be with Jesus...and there is some major rejoicing there! he was very near and dear to my heart, but he lived a full life...and is much more comfortable in heaven.

love you, will always have a piece of my heart!!