Thursday, January 22, 2015

christmas part 2

part 2 was at the vanderveers! livi was adorable as always and the center of attention...we actually stayed in town for awhile...went to 6 flags one day...visited cindy and scooter...visited grammy in her new assisted living place...and got in a dinner with the brotherhood...and lots of cousin time. tysen got sick on christmas night and the day after, so he was super excited to play after he was feeling better. AND for the first time in 3 years...i was NOT sick on christmas. score!!

christmas part 1

so this is my one and only picture from christmas morning. yep. epic fail. i don't know why or how...but this was it. :) we did our christmas early and then spent the rest in dfw with mom and andy's family....
we decided to try something new this year...instead of exchanging gifts with the siblings and cousins, we all went to the zoo together. i was so worried it was going to be freezing or crazy crowded...but it was seriously soooo much fun! it was cold...but we were fine with coats on...and there was hardly anyone there!! what a fun memory!!!!
apparently audrey has had a growth spurt!!!!
logan and i did not want to enter the "bird's cage"...

December Randomness

so...its already january...but this is about the time i finally sit down and record what happened last month. sigh.
december always flies a fun rush...but a rush...i'm trying to even remember what we did....
logan and i on a date...
introducing denise marshall...a friend and mentor that i have had the privilege of working with for the past year now...and this is our very first picture together. literally the best ministry partner a wife and mother to all boys could even ask for!
i feel like i have a million of these pics...but they are just tooo precious!!!!! those boys are enamored with their daddy....i wish you could hear all the voices he does!!!