Monday, April 20, 2015

quick trip to denton

last weekend we had plans for our sweet friends, the fannings to come visit us. WELL. our beloved kyle atwater decided to propose that same weekend, so we flipped our plans and we headed to denton instead so we could be there to celebrate with them. we had a great time hanging with britt and jason...and then saturday afternoon we went to the surprise engagement party!! we are just SO thrilled for kyle and sarah...sarah was a part of our leader bible study, and such a sweet part of our lives when we were at DBC...and of course kyle became a part of our family while he was in college station. it was seriously something i dreaded when he moved...him dating someone we didn't know, and we just wouldn't be able to know his wife the way we really wanted to, because he was so special to our family. who knew that he would move back to denton, and fall in love with sarah!! someone we loved so dearly already...ah! so thankful we could be there to rejoice during that special time with them!!! 


13 years with the love of my life. 
this day was so great. everyone else would probably laugh at us and say how old we are. andy took the day off, which was really nice! we started out the day shopping for a couch. we have waited a long time, and finally are ready to buy one. looked all morning, and literally could not find one we loved! so sad. we both agreed to just wait, cuz we don't want to invest that much money in something we don't just love. for lunch, we headed to outback steakhouse...only to pull up and realize they weren't open for lunch....just down the road was panda express, and that sounded pretty good, so settled for that (andy's fortune cookie was kinda funny)! next door was james avery, and andy knew i had been wanting a thin gold chain, so we went to look....who knew they were like $400!!!! psh. we laughed and headed back to the car.  andy said, "baby, we can't afford that gold chain, but let's go to the mall, and i'll buy you cookie" so that's what we did! got my favorite...a piece of cookie cake. we finished there and then headed to the movies. we saw "insurgent" was ok. the funny part was that we got there a little, we put our seats back and closed our eyes for a few min. (yes, we celebrate hard!)...after the movie, we went to walmart for couch stuffing (since we weren't buying right now, we wanted to stuff the cushions a little). while in walmart, i found a cute little gold chain for $20! way better than $400! :) we went to lowes for something andy needed for the gutters...and then we went to jack in the box for andy's favorite shake. 
ya'll. this sounds like a really dumb anniversary...but the day was filled with time with my best friend. he always wants to take me to steak houses and expensive places...but i much prefer simple and cheaper. so this day was just perfect for me. i'm so grateful for the most amazing husband. 
happy 13th anniversary!!!!


easter was probably the most chill we have ever done!! we never even hunted eggs! :) we didn't have any plans, so we got our picture, and then had a special lunch at cotton was pretty rainy and dreary, so the rest of the day was really relaxed at home...