Thursday, November 29, 2012

family time

enjoying some hot chocolate after working hard to get the christmas decorations up!
some were digging for the marshmellows...:)
i guess they were worn out! love their new sleeping arrangements! tysen loves to be in with his brothers!

thanksgiving 2012

well, thanksgiving was awesome, as usual! the food is always just soooo good....and its refreshing to be with family. in my fam...this was the first time we had all been together in 2 our first gathering with little of course, that called for a family picture. pretty good considering the 10 kids under 9!!! 
 the original 6 all together. and total coincidence that we are in age order also!
its kinda "my thing" family gatherings i get to do fun braids on all my nieces!! 

then, onto the vanderveers! again...amazing food. we missed adam, aimee, reanna and katie...but still had a pretty fun crew!!! we tried to go see the parade of lights in downtown fort worth, but the traffic and lines were unbelievable, so we landed at the stockyards to walk around...had a great time! especially watching andy, payton, and joey ride the mechanical bull!!! (andy stayed on the longest:)


well, my eldest is 9. nine! i would say i can't believe it, but i definitely can. there is a "cool" factor that comes with the pre-teens that he is already starting to exhibit. words like "dude" and "seriously" and "sweet man" are in his constant vocabulary. this kid plays football 24/7. every single day the neighborhood boys are over playing together. i love it. logan also carries a football in his hand everywhere he goes. its the equivalent of a pacifier for a baby. he doesn't leave home without his football. so, even though he did a football party last year...that's what he wanted again! this time we upped the party a little and actually sprayed painted the yard into a field...and had 2 of our college guys come and be quarterbacks so dad could be the referee. 
happy birthday logan!!

quality time

there's so much swirling around us these days in the world of ministry. trying to make sure we make time for quality time. took the boys out for family shake night at chickfila. everyone except andy got the peppermint shake...he always gets the cookies and cream shake. it was ians first time to try it! i love that he still has "firsts" in the world of milk!

date night for us!! it was so needed and so relaxing! after a good burger at grub burgers and grill, we just wandered for awhile at 1/2 price books...then walked around the mall. of course got a cookie...and just sat and talked. much needed quality time.


rewinding again to october, my little nephew grant was born!! tysen and i went to stay with the mcclures for the week...grant was 6 weeks early and stayed in the hospital for over a week getting strong! he is growing steadily now and is super healthy!!
fun to get some good sister time while i was in town. we ate at our madeline...

october review

i'm not sure how the time keeps getting away from me...but here i am going back to october! and we didn't get any pictures from halloween, but i did have this picture of tysen and buddy, gideon, playing in costumes. it will have to do...:)

we loved going to the highschool football games! after one game, we hung around and the boys felt pretty cool being out on the field!!

we made an impromtu trip to keller one weekend to see the family. the boys love feeding the ducks so we did that with max and gra...
logan has a super sweet relationship with graham! graham loves to pull his hat off and then put it back on...over and over again! logan loves to play with him!