Thursday, April 21, 2011

licking the brownie batter spoon...

birthday boy privileges...

happy birthday, tysen!

my baby boy is 3!! he is such a lovable sweetheart...he can make anyone in our family smile! we brought him a honeybun with candles in bed...he LOVES people to sing 'happy birthday' to him! then he got to open his presents before we had to get the older boys off to school.

a few things about you at this age:

--your favorite movie is 'monsters inc'
--you love any kid of even said you liked coffee when you took a sip (though i'm not sure you really did). you don't get sodas very often but if you get a sip of mom or dads, you always say "hey! i like it!"
--you can walk in my heels better than i can
--you have the sweetest demeanor...everyone just melts at your words
--you still LOVE watermelon
--you are very 'pattern' conscious. you find 3-4 patterns in your surroundings every day. "mommy look its a pattern! sit...stand...sit...stand!" ...."mommy look its a pattern! sandwich...fruit...sandwich...fruit!" its a huge revelation to you every time you think of it!
--you want to touch every pregnant woman's belly...and some who aren't pregnant! (yikes!)
--you sing all the time...making up songs about whatever you happen to be doing at the time
--you can whistle (which is actually quite impressive at your age)
--your favorite tv shows are 'diego' and 'the backyardigans'

there's so much more....but we are soooooooooo proud of you!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

just some fam time...

logan was begging for a family wii we had dinner, and made our favorite snack, 'flavors' (chex mix, animal crackers, popcorn, and chocolate chips) ....andy and logan started to face off in wii tennis while ian, tysen and i made the snack! we took a break from wii to eat our 'flavors' and watched america's funniest home videos. i love watching the boys laugh so hard at the videos!

from ian...

I'm the luckiest mom...