Monday, October 21, 2013

cousin time

we always love soaking up family just doesn't happen enough being out of town! joey and kyle and their crew came last weekend...really fun to just hang out! we surprised tysen at school for lunch...went to the park and fed the ducks...and many other fun adventures!
last time we were at this park, ian fell in the we were sure to point this sign out to him!
we had a bunch of bread crust for the ducks...but apparently the boys were starving and ended up eating half of it!
dinner at fazolis!!
thankful it was cool outside, so we could roast smores!!! we decided this time we were doing adult smores first so we could eat them before getting over run by the kids!

4th grade

so far...logan is killing it in the 4th grade. they had a short program and art show....did a super cute little country "cotton-eyed joe"... and always loves hanging out with his best bud, james!


this is the point that i just have several fun pictures, but none related...
date night!!
when andy and i upgraded our phones, the younger boys took over our old iphones for games. the boys were so quiet one day, and even though they were all on electronics...i just loved that they were all together...
logan has started his first season of football. he LOVES it...and i have a feeling this is beginning many years to come at football games!
tysen is active as ever! andy can be doing nothing...but tysen just climbs all over him. literally never stops!! 
date night with the mervishes!!!  

mom's 60th birthday

happy birthday to my momma!!  the girls have a traditional girls weekend pretty regularly, so we combined the idea and wanted to really help honor mom on this special birthday. we had a small surprise party at spring creek bbq...and were so thrilled that all the siblings were able to be there! the girls all spent the night together (along with hattie and grant), and we took mom to our favorite breakfast spot at "breadwinners". we took her shopping and to get a pedicure...then spent the night in a hotel...such a fun weekend! love you, mom!