Tuesday, February 26, 2013

this and that

just a quick post...valentines day was fun...made our rounds to the boys school parties...and loaded up on sugar! this was tysens first school party!!!! he came home SO excited to go through his valentine bag, and just talked and talked about how much fun he had. it was a little over the top, until we realized that this was his first school party experience! he missed his christmas party because he had the flu...so this was such a big deal and so fun. it was really cute how happy he was...
 this was a moment i just had to capture. tysen is constantly asking me if he can play in the attic. which obviously, my answer is "no". i don't like being in the attic...kind of afraid of what i'll find. but dad was home this day, and he decided to try his luck with him...andy said, 'sure'! then tysen didn't want to play, he wanted to read, so best dad in the world sat in the attic, reading to his son. it was priceless.
 these guys are growing up so fast! i love the independence they are getting...and though i could take a little less of the attitude i get sometimes....they are turning into such amazing young men. i am so proud of them in so many different ways. they are SO different. but they are all my boys...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

family visits

we always have fun with family in town...ana and papaw brought their camper...along with haley and taylor...and joey and kyle came with the boys and stayed with us. we had a ton of fun watching the boys play basketball (the girls even made signs!), playing at the park, and roasting smores!! 

hot dogs and smores

we love how there is 5-6 boys in our yard playing football or basketball every day...but we really want to get to know the families as well and build community in our neighborhood. we had a roasting party and 3 families came over for hot dogs and smores. definitely going to do that again...

family time

as we get back into the routine of school and church events, we have been trying to be more intentional with our family time. making memories!!!  we did fondue night...another ice cream emergency...had donuts all together one morning...and even had family hot tub night...love our family time!