Wednesday, September 30, 2009

even more like his daddy....

of all the boys, ian has always been most like his dad. in looks, in personality, and now...we see in the eye genes as well...i've always kinda wondered how i would know if the boys needed glasses, cuz andy had them at a very early age. at the 4 year checkup at the dr. they do an eye screening that showed some discrepancies in ian's eyes. so we went to an eye dr. last friday, and sure enough, his left eye was much worse than his right eye. the dr. said it was a fairly significant astigmatism (20/80) so we wear glasses! ian was sooooooo excited!! we picked out the glasses on friday, and they just got them in today, so tonight was his first time to wear them. he's very proud (we all are!) of them...i'm so glad! i asked him if he could see better, and he said yes...but he was just looking around a lot (probably amazed to be seeing clearer)...from what they told me, it was really affecting his vision, so the glasses should make a big impact. he acted like they helped a ton...:) as if he didn't look old enough from his huge size...
now, he really looks grown up!!

family feud....ian style

so, ian was riding with aunt kyle in the car the other day, and proceeded to play his version of 'family feud'. its not exactly like the game, but he just thinks of questions, and you either get a 'ding-ding-ding--good answer!' or you get an 'errr--sorry, good answer, but that's not on our board'. and then he'll go on to the next question.

he starts the game with aunt kyle:
ian- "what does grac-cas mean?"
kyle- "you mean gracias? that means thank you"
ian- "correct! good job!"
there were probably a few other questions in there, but then...
ian- "ok, now. what is chinese?"
kyle- "you mean the country, china?"
ian- "no"
kyle- "like a chinese person?"
ian- "no"
(and it goes on as kyle is trying to determine what he's talking about)
finally....ian- "chinese is orange chicken. that's what chinese is...good try, aunt kyle"

(oh yeah, his favorite restaurant is panda express...)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Words

i just love it when toddlers start to talk. tysen has his own little dialect, that only andy and i understand. he can say "get down"...which sounds more like "di-dow"...and he says "pop-pa" which is "poptart"... "waaaa" is water...."passy" is "pappi"....and of course "wa-mlmlmlml"...ya know -watermelon. but right now, my favorite is "lav-la"...that one is "love you"...
every night when he goes to bed i kiss his nose and say "love you"...and he says back to me "lav-la" melts my heart. but yestarday...he said it for the first time, unpromted. and that about brought tears to my eyes. i put him in his carseat, and gave him a spontaneous kiss, and he looked at me with his bright blue eyes and said "lav-la"....

and then of course, i proceeded to kiss him again and again just to hear him say it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

allergies and rain

well, we had ian tested again to check on the progression of his milk allergy. unfortunately, we did a different test (which they said was more accurate than a normal food rast), which was good, but the numbers and scales are different, so we can't compare his old numbers to it...but we do know that he's still allergic!! i had hoped it was going away, since i don't see reactions anymore...but maybe that's because i completely cut milk from his diet. hm. anyway, no worries, he still has his milk allergy buddies in his cousin, zach, and brother tysen!
in other news, we really enjoy the rain!! (unless its pouring when we are getting out)...its soo calming to me...and we actually went out saturday and played! the boys loved it....and it really was a ton of fun!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


i just loved this picture...logan and tysen were playing together, and i love these moments of brotherly, its a big deal to me that tysen will "play" with toys now...even for short amounts of means, i have a second to put the dishes away, or fold the clothes without him tugging at my he relaxed...feet all kicked up...just playing...

Ian is 4!!!

Well, my middle child is 4! Sooo crazy to me! He was the baby for quite awhile, but not so babyish anymore! This hilarious picture is a very honest reaction to opening his favorite movie "Highschool Musical"....He LOVES these movies....and I had the camera ready to capture his face when he realized what it was, and I was not disappointed!!!!
Ian is our most dramatic and imaginative of all the boys....and right now, he's into swords. So we had a pirate party for him. He actually thought that everyone was supposed to bring him a sword as his present, and that he would get all these different swords...haha...but I told him that wasn't how it worked, though we did get him a new sword!
my 3 precious pirates...

we had hot dogs that were pirate ships...

Happy Birthday Big "E"!!!!