Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ian is 4!!!

Well, my middle child is 4! Sooo crazy to me! He was the baby for quite awhile, but not so babyish anymore! This hilarious picture is a very honest reaction to opening his favorite movie "Highschool Musical"....He LOVES these movies....and I had the camera ready to capture his face when he realized what it was, and I was not disappointed!!!!
Ian is our most dramatic and imaginative of all the boys....and right now, he's into swords. So we had a pirate party for him. He actually thought that everyone was supposed to bring him a sword as his present, and that he would get all these different swords...haha...but I told him that wasn't how it worked, though we did get him a new sword!
my 3 precious pirates...

we had hot dogs that were pirate ships...

Happy Birthday Big "E"!!!!

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Natalie said...

how did the birthday cake turn out?

great pictures!!!