Thursday, August 27, 2009

My baby is in Kindergarten!

First day of school, and totally ready! His first words when I picked him up: "It was awesome" with a chuckle in his voice. He really loves school!

Teacher: Mrs. Gandy

This morning, he insisted on tucking in his shirt...he's really growing up on me! I almost cried cuz today I didn't walk him in...I just dropped him off and watched my baby run up the sidewalk into school all on his own! He kept asking why I wasn't going to walk him in...and I told him I would if he wanted me to, but that I can drop him off at the door too. I asked if he was sure and ready to walk by himself, and he said yes....I think he was a little nervous, but he did great!! I wish I could call him to make sure he got inside ok...but I know that's silly. It was definately much harder to let him go in alone....

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