Thursday, August 21, 2014


august has really flown by! its almost to a close, bringing back the normalcy of routine and school days. i get excited about the routine being back...the boys are excited to see their friends at school...everyone wins! but the boys spent the last days of summer having a blast making forts...playing games...the spooners came to visit...we kept busy!
we got to keep max and gra for a couple days...we always love having that special time with cousins...livi will get to come soon...:)
we made one last trip to dfw before school started! we got to go to zach's bday party, gra's bday party, a bridal shower for aunt yvette, took motorcycle rides with papaw....and took all the cousins to hurricane harbor for "bring a friend free" day!!  it was a packed weekend...and we were exhausted...but it was well worth it! 


july was spent mostly at camp zephyr!! last year we went to help joey with the music...and this year, they asked andy to be the camp pastor along with joey doing the music. we love the camp more and more each year. they take great care of us...and its super fun for andy and joey to get to do ministry together. not to mention, no cooking, no laundry, no cleaning...and unlimited activities. inflatables, pool, pond, archery, snow cones, sling shots, gaga ball...and best of all tons of cousin time!!! hope this stays a yearly tradition!!

one day we were able to go spend the day at the beach. it was a super fun day for our family...we had lunch at the 2-story whataburger...which the boys just LOVED...and we parked along the side of the beach, and had a great time playing in the sand and ocean! 
this picture will probably go down in history as the cutest picture EVER of livi!!


june was filled with a started off summer with a bang! we love to keep busy, so it was nice to have lots going on...
started off with little ty-ty graduating from kindergarten! his first teacher was ms. amazing teacher for this kid!
then was randomness...andy's bday, park fun, bible times on the porch...
we had a few came, the boys had friends over, and even zach came to stay for a couple days with the boys!
when we took zach back, we got to spend the day with the mcclures...uncle dan came and hung out too...and taught tysen how to play chess...
we spent some time with the vanderveers too! used our passes at Hurricane Harbor with kyle, max, gra, and livi, got to see the kazee girls one day, and have dinner with ana, papaw and grammy!