Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh No...

Look closely. there are red splotches around tysen's mouth. why??
my guess is an egg allergy. he had just licked the beaters when i made cookies. and then i saw the splotches. he's never had eggs before...he just spits them out...but who can resist cookie dough? and now we know...hmmm...the only reason i even thought of eggs is because my niece kenzie is allergic to eggs...she had licked the other beater, and as you can see below....she is definately allergic to eggs. carleigh had just forgotten that there are eggs in cookie dough.

and seriously, how weird is it that carleigh and i's first kids have no food allergies...our 2nd kids are both allergic to milk...and our 3rd kids are now both apparently allergic to eggs? weird.

tysen and kenzie's splotchy around the mouth after eating cookie dough....

Swimming Lessons

We have been taking swimming lessons...the first time we haven't taken them from our Aunt Kyle...:(...its definately different. and i definately recommend kyle ....but if nothing else, its just fun for the boys. :) the first day, ian's teacher looked at me with shock, and said, 'he can swim?'... and then after 2 days, they moved him to the older class. and he's even ahead of some of those kids...i know it sounds like i'm bragging, but i didn't teach them, so i give major props to kyle! :) but they love the water!

logan was working the ratio as you can see...6 girls, and logan...of course, now he has ian in his class too....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Land of the Mohawks

Sports World is this week! It's a sports day camp that is put on by our youth group. All the counselors are junior high and highschool kids, and the camp is for elementary schools. It's an amazing time that is opened up to the entire city, so all of our youth get to minister to these kids...the gospel will be presented...and the kids have a BLAST!! Last year, Andy cut a mohawk for the event, and Logan did too...This year we convinced Ian to as its now the boys tradition...
Ian keeps looking in the mirror, and saying, "i just love this mohawk" ....they feel very manly.

You can also kinda see in the picture, but Logan lost another tooth! both bottom front teeth are gone! Still have yet to keep one...he swallowed this one...and I don't care enough to retrieve it...:) This morning he discovered another one loose! Gosh! Happening so fast!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogosphere's Got Talent

My friend Sarah, is hosting a little blogger contest....

So, of course, I had to enter my little band boys in their performance of "Hosana"...

CHECK IT OUT!!!! :):)

Blogosphere's Got Talent