Monday, September 5, 2011

welcome little vandy....

graham david vanderveer is our newest little cousin! he's the sweetest little thing!! the whole family went to visit over the weekend...and then tysen and mommy stayed for a whole week to help out! oh, it was sooo fun to snuggle with that little munchkin! and tysen loved playing with max every day!!

tysen asked to hold him every day! he adored little gra!!

logan held him and just talked really sweet and quiet to him...then he kinda chuckled and said, "his hair looks like a highschooler"....LOL!!!

love this bunch of boys!!!

when i told tysen we were going to visit max in denton...he said "can i go to cuin's house?"...he misses his buddy cuin! we got to visit, and they played like old times...

one last hug before heading back home!!

1st and 2nd grade!

we're in a new town, and the boys have a new school! they loved their first week! we are just under a mile away, so we've enjoyed walking to school each morning! :)

he knows what he wants!

he asked specifically for his three monkeys....usually i find them on the floor later, but i guess tonight he knew exactly what he wanted!! :)

the fam's in town!!

i loved having my family in town visiting!!! the mcclures came first...then the spooners...then mom and sam...then the kazees came in as the mcclures headed out...and we got to have a big family lunch together....and of made us take a family photo!!