Tuesday, March 8, 2016

moving thru march...

this year was such a fun basketball season. last game of the season was a nail biter! but the boys pulled it off and won by one point! Cynthia and Julia came with us and experienced their first kids basketball games in America!
since we bought our new sectional couch, andy has been sketching and planning building us a coffee table. we were so busy for awhile, that he "planned" things for a long time, and we finally had some free time for him to actually build it! i am SOOOOO proud of how it turned out! it is beautiful and just perfect!!!
always worth a picture when brothers are bonding. logan is teaching ian the art and tricks of solving the rubics cube!!
the older boys went to men's group with andy, so tysen and i went on a date. he got to practice paying for my food (i gave him the money of course!), getting my drink and refills, opening all the doors...everything he needs to practice for a real date! he was so proud to serve me, and really embraced that role of provider. as we were leaving, he opened my door, and kinda chuckled as he said, "i really like being the man!" ....this boy has such a precious heart.
honor roll alert!!!!! they had a short ceremony to honor the kids who made the honor roll list. so proud of logan's hard work!! a couple of his buddies were honored too! so thankful that logan has this squad of guys around him. (andrew buban and luke robertson in pic below)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

pictures galore

so much happened in the past few weeks, so here's the short version:
the boys got free aggie basketball tickets from their basketball team...super fun! logan brought luke and michael, and it was a fun family outing! also cool to get to be on the court after the game! logan hopes to play for the aggies some day!
the boys were outside yelling...i went out to check on them, and tysen said "it's just brotherly love mom!!"

we made a trip to dfw for ethan and allie knowles wedding....made a quick stop so andy and tysen could meet declan. he is just the sweetest kid! he was only 3 weeks here, and he was already smiling at us! a lot!! it was crazy adorable.

got to see LOTS of friends at the knowles wedding! wish i had taken more pictures....
family breakfast time. ian and tysen created a drawing game that we played...:)

part of the vandy clan came for a visit!!!!!

jan 20th....declan clyde

the long awaited arrival of karis and thomas' little boy. this one was a doozy. i can't even explain except that karis is the sweetest and most special little sister, so her offspring is a big deal. she did so much of the labor naturally, so we couldn't be with her much...so there was a lot of waiting. like 36 hours of waiting. mom and i stayed at the hospital all night, hoping he would come...but he held off to the next morning, and even carleigh made it back in time. but he was SO worth it. 
declan clyde spooner has already captured the hearts of everyone in our family.
this was the first picture we took from the waiting room, when we knew for sure he had been born. (marilyn and i were snooping outside the room, and we heard him crying)
these are the times that i don't like living 3 hours away from my family. my heart ached and ached when i had to leave...and i couldn't stay gone very long. i came back and got to spend 2 more days with this precious new family to help them and get in my snuggles with declan. such a special time, and i'm so thankful to have been able to be there. ah! just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back!!!