Tuesday, May 7, 2013


just had a few random pics that were fun....
i get a lot of notes from the boys....ian actually...but every now and then i get one so sweet i just have to record it so i don't forget!
its not super close, but logan had a busted lip that he was really proud of...playing catch with his dad, and the baseball missed the glove and hit the lip. ouch. but after awhile he was more excited and wanted a picture.
i think this was tysen's actual birthday...he got to choose "dinner" and he wanted spoons. who wouldn't want icecream for dinner?
we had booth for our church at a college event, and we rented sumo suits for entertainment...the boys got a turn and were highly amused how hard it was...
i just love this shot of andy...right after dinner...chilling on the couch....started snoring. getting old i guess...:)

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