Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bits and pieces

we had a family movie night last week, and pulled out the mattress and everything. ian and andy went to get the movie, and logan and i made cookies...and of course, its a tradition in our house to lick the beaters...and we save the bowl for daddy. luckily ian was gone...what am going to do when i have 3 little boys, but only 2 beaters?? :)

andy and ian are a little obssessed with dunking their cookies in milk. (ian in his soy milk)

oh, how i love it when my kids enjoy their dinner...its pretty obvious here, right? tysen is signing "all done!"...no amount of wet wipes would clean this child...(don't worry, he got a bath)

this is typical tysen. if you are around him for more than a 1/2 hour, you know.
people, please don't judge me...i'm trying so hard!!! but he screams at everything! and not like a sweet, cute kid scream...its a bloodcurdling scream! i just don't know how to respond...but i'm trying...anyone with has dealt with this is welcome to give me suggestions! :)

andy and i celebrated a sweet 7 year anniversary last night...we went to giusseppi's (a denton italian place), and beth marie's (a denton trademark for icecream)....anyone like my new earrings? andy picked them out all on his own...nice work, huh? :)
"7 years"


Natalie said...

James at that age had the same 'hair stand on end, curl your toes, ear piercing' scream. I just did my best to ignore it rather than give him feedback on it and he has outgrown it. (maybe it was the prayers i was saying while trying to ignore it!) either way, it will pass! and by the way....girls squeals just get louder with age.

Molly said...

Happy 7 Years to you both!

I like the sound of your movie night- kinda wish I was one of your kiddos.

Madeline has bloodcurdling screams also. She just goes straight to that level. More when she was younger than now, but definately still gets to that level now with alot of things, also.

stacy kazee said...

those are some really cute pictures! we can't wait to see you all this weekend!!

Unknown said...

it's so great to keep updated with you guys on here. your kids are still growing so fast even though it's been barely two months since i left! i miss you guys... really. JV was like my family and in all honesty, i miss that family. thanks so much for making me feel so at home there and in your own family. hopefully i'll be coming out in May for a visit and i can stop by and catch up with you guys. love y'all! congrats on the 7 years, that's a HUGE accomplishment, well, blessing to see that now a days! keep up the good work kids, good game, *butt slap* (that was for Kristen, not Andy, even though i know it's not really Kristen's thing either... haha!)