Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh Dear...

I walked out today wearing a long tank underneath a smaller tee...that's ok, right? Layers are in...and that's the thing to do is wear a longer shirt underneath a shorter shirt. (i'm so thankful that the short shirts are NOT in style anymore!)
So, Logan appraised my outfit, and then said, "mom, i think you should take off that long shirt."
I said, "no, honey, then my shirt would be too short"
and he said, "yeah, i know, then i could see your belly button...that's cool".
Lord give me wisdom to train my child in the way he should go!


Wonderful Woods said...

Sounds like Logan is the exact opposite as Zachary. This morning when Zachary woke up he came into my bathroom where I was getting dressed, at the time I had my bra and pants on, and with one eye barely open patted my stomach and said, Mom you need to put a shirt on, I'll go get one for you. Once the shirt was on he would let me pick him up and give him his morning hug.

Whitney said...

Wasn't there a time when it had a piercing? I wonder what his thoughts would be on that?

carleigh said...

sounds like we'd better be careful when audrey and logan get a little older!!