Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mothers day

mother's day was actually busy this year...we had a dinner on saturday night, and each of the boys picked had picked a piece of jewelry for me. logan picked the short necklace, ian picked the "v" ring, and tysen picked the longer necklace. they all did quite well!!  we had dinner at longhorns steakhouse...and picked up cookies for dessert. andy got me a gift card to charming charlies, and a waffle maker! i felt so boys did good!
after church, i was headed to dfw...mainly to help linda pack the house since they are moving next week...but i was able to stop in arlington to surprise mom! most of the siblings were taking her to a movie and dinner, so that was really fun to crash and get to hang with everyone for awhile!
mom and her 6 kids...we almost never are without kids and spouses, so this was unique to just be with the adult siblings! we were missing trey, so we pulled up a photo on the phone so we could keep him in the picture!!

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