Friday, April 8, 2016


the latter half of spring break was camping time!! as the boys get older, camping is becoming more enjoyable...we went to fredericksburg...jellystone park. this was one of our first experience of the boys actually tent camping. the girls slept in the camper and boys camped. and we tried something new and let logan bring a andrew buban came also. overall....the trip was super fun....but it did have some catches to it, as friday night it rained...thankfully, only one out of the three tents had standing water...logan threw up after some sketch mexican also got SUPER we crammed 13 of us into the camper. an adventure for sure...but it was a great trip. it had a game room with pool tables, a jumping pillow, and a swimming pool (which the boys actually did swim one day, despite the water being freezing)...and a few other activities. always love that vandy time!
one day we went to enchanted rock national park. a super fun climb...though not all of us went to the top.

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