Tuesday, November 25, 2008

my little basketball star!

so, logan has had a lot of face time with soccer and school...and now its time for proud moments with ian...he had his first basketball class tonight. he's still too young for leagues, but there are classes through the city, and he got to pick one, and he chose basketball. he was so cute out there, and i'm pretty sure he was the only 3 yr. old...the others were all 4....but he fought hard to keep up...things to practice at home:
-dribbling while standing (not hunched over as close to the ground as you can reach)
-shooting forward so the ball doesn't hit your head
-bounce pass (though he's really good at a chest pass)
-stopping the ball without having to fall on it
i'm just so glad he's so interested...he really loved it!! go, ian!!
pretty good form, right?
and not so good form...:) we'll have to practice some more!! :)


Unknown said...

He is SOOOOO precious! Go Ian!, is right. :) Woo. Haha

carleigh said...

so cute! zach wouldn't be able to do it- he's not good with group sports. and i love the picture of kenzie at logan's party...

Kate said...

Thats right!...get him started early :) And I cant believe Logan is 5!!! Where has my life gone????