Thursday, May 6, 2010

chocolate popcorn

this is chocolate popcorn. how can we increase the amount of calorie and sugar consumption with a bowl of popcorn? just dump a package of melted chocolate chips on top...o my gosh...this is sooo good...but not something i can leave lying around.
i got the idea from my friend, molly. we were talking about teacher gifts and wanting something new to bake for them....she suggested bagging it up cute with a blockbuster giftcard...pretty cute!
1 bag of popcorn
1 bag of chocolate chips (i use ghiradelli which are amazing, but they also don't have milk!)
1/4c butter
melt the butter and chocolate chips. stir in the popcorn. drop onto a lightly sprayed wax paper...and let the chocolate harden!

i think next time i will use a lot more popcorn, cuz the best pieces are ones that just have a little chocolate on them. they are pretty heavily coated since this was the first time, but it might work even better to just drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn and stir a little....that way they don't get submerged in the chocolate.
i'm going to also try this with vanilla almond bark...the choc chips are good since they are milk-free for ian, but they don't harden as well as almond bark....make sure you have someone to give this stuff to....its very addicting!

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Mrs. Valente said...

When you say "1 bag of popcorn" do you mean microwave popcorn? I figured that's what you meant (although we're popcorn addicts so we just use our air popper), but a bag of chocolate chips seemed like it would be too much for a bag of microwave popcorn. Maybe not? Am I making this waaaay to complicated?;)