Monday, February 8, 2010

patch work

we get a lot of questions about ian's patch, so i thought i would write about it, and also so we remember! :)
when he initially got glasses in october, he was seeing 80/20 in his left eye, and 40/20 in his right eye. after a few months of wearing his glasses, his right eye was corrected, and he now sees 20/20 in the right eye (with the use of his glasses). his left eye had improved to seeing 40/20, but was still weaker than the left eye, so we are doing 'patch work' to strengthen that left eye. he wears the patch a couple hours a day until march at his next checkup. and hopefully, that will correct the vision, and he'll be able to quit at that time (the patch not the glasses).
ian's been doing great! he's such a trooper, and doesn't complain about it....lots of people ask him 'what happened to your eye?' and he'll start explaining that the patch helps that eye get stronger...
he has done an amazing job transitioning to his glasses! he loves wearing them (i'm sure partially because of the improved vision!)....i have never had to fight him to wear them. when we bought our 3rd pair (in 3 months) of the plastic ones, we decided they just weren't durable enough for a 4 yr old with 2 brothers, so we invested in some that are supposed to be indestructable.
here's my handsome stud...:)

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