Monday, February 8, 2010

grateful for HIS faithfulness...

fair warning: this will be a long post...not really written to anyone, but myself. in my printed yearly blog books with all of the fun stories and pictures from year to year, i want to remember how God provided for us ... over and over again.

andy has been in school now for 2 1/2 years...and even before that, God was faithful in preparing us. the smallest details that meant little at the time...looking back at how it was all part of His plan. andy was talking about going to seminary the first year we were married. we waited, and waited because we never had a total peace about it...but when the time was was a very clear decision for us...and though we weren't totally sure how it would all work...we moved forward. i want to note a funny thing...our crazy appearance on the family feud....that was a part of God's plan! it is amazing how EVERYTHING is orchastrated by Him! see, we did auditions in sept. 2006, and they actually called us back and wanted us to come to L.A. with in 2 weeks of our auditions...sadly, we had to turn them down, because joey and kyle had a non-refundable trip planned (with another couple) we hoped and prayed they would call us back. they july of 2007. you might be wondering why this is so perfect. see, we won money on the family feud...and had we gone that first time they called us....we probably would have spent some of it on something fun (because at the time, we had no idea that we would be starting school the next year). but when we went in july, we knew we were moving to denton, and knew that we had some financially straining years ahead, so we put that money away...and can i just tell you, that we have survived off that chunk of savings from the family feud!!!!! we have thus far been able to pay for andy's school without loans, and were able to supplement our finances from those winnings. the timing of everything was amazing.

ok, so we moved to denton, andy started school, and working part time with denton bible's youth. we raised support to supplement andy's part-time work, and were beyond blessed with amazing support that came through. for the first year and a half, the Lord was so gracious in giving us one-time donors along with monthly donors, and we were able to pay for school, rent, bills, etc... we were constantly amazed at others generosity. (and still is so humbling to have others pour into you, and give generously so that we can finish andy's training at school to be in the ministry.) a year ago, we knew that our monthly support checks would be starting to come in about $700, we started praying...and seeing that it was basically our rent money each month...we prayed for a more affordable place to live (as opposed to having to withdraw savings each month to pay for rent). within a month, the Lord literally just handed us the deal at our apartments....we do resident activities each month in exchange for free rent. it was incredible to see Him provide....right when we needed it. not a moment before, not a moment too late....

now, a year later, the Lord has reminded us of who is in control. last week, our apartment manager came to our door at 5pm on Monday....with a fax from a new corporate managing company that was taking over our complex. the fax stated that they were ending our contract, and it was an official 30 day notice to end our services. so...basically, we either needed a new place to live, or we would have to find a way to pay for rent. we sent emails for prayer, and asking for any options anyone might have....on wednesday morning, andy and i went to look at some apartments, trying to see if there were any cheaper places to live. we got back about 11:30, and decided to run over to the office and check into our options maybe downsizing to save money. when we walked in, our manager greeted us, and said, hang on, i think we are ok! the new management company was there, and they had been discussing our contract, and apparently, there were some misunderstandings...and the new company ended up wanting to renew our contract with the same deal. wow. we are once again, overwhelmed at God's blessings.

i had one friend tell me that she had prayed that morning, that the Lord would resolve our housing issue THAT day...and another friend who had specifically prayed for us to be able to stay in those apartments....praying that they would have a change of heart, and allow us to stay. that was not even something i had prayed for! but the Lord heard the prayers, and now God gets the glory. He once again showed how merciful and good He is. He has NEVER let us down...and He provides for us.....exactly when we need it.
God is GOOD!

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Mrs. Valente said...

That's amazing, Kristin! Praise God!!