Thursday, February 18, 2010

family date

thursday night is typically date night...we rotate with another family and one week they keep our kids, and the next week we keep their trying to make sure we (and our marriage) don't get lost in our 3 kids and crazy life...thursday night is set aside...and sacred.
tonight though, our fellow date night family had to postpone, and so we decided to do a family date instead.

i realize that 90% of the population would be sickened by our choice of restaurants, but andy and i both grew up eating there, and happen to still like it...and thanks to aunt carleigh, we had coupons for free kids meals (score!) off we went to eat dinner at pancho's! the boys love the dessert buffet and sopapillas... hopefully they will continue the pancho's traditions as they get older too...much to the dismay of most of our friends! :):)

you can't tell here, but we are seriously jamming out to the highschool musical 3 soundtrack.

gotta love that smile!

after dinner, we headed over to the mall soft play area for the free fun. the boys always have a great time there....logan is on the brink of being too big ...but he mainly follows tysen around and plays with him, so we're gonna milk it for all its worth!

and then ian wanted to take a picture of us...nice work, E!

I love my family!!


the vanderveer's: said...

i really am the only vanderveer who is sickened by :(

MamaD said...

Haven't been to Pancho's yet even though Jon has been talking about going there since moving down here... Since I totally love Taco Bell, I'm sure I could love a CHEAP Mexican Buffet!

Molly said...

O lordy...

it's why we love you guys though- you don't care what anyone thinks!!