Saturday, February 6, 2010

hulk smoothies

i'm pretty excited about this new way to make smoothies....our friend tracy shared the recipe, and our friend heather gave us the creative name...and here we are with "hulk smoothies".
bear with me, as the thought of drinking anything green makes me gag, but these really do just taste like a banana smoothie!!

i don't really measure anything...but i used apple juice, a banana, a couple of frozen strawberries and pineapple....that's all normal, right?
here's your key ingredient: a huge handful of baby spinach.
that's right....spinach.

could you taste the spinach? no. but it did make it green....
hence giving it the fond name of a 'hulk smoothie'...

i know some people are blessed with wonderful eaters, and have a 2 year old that will eat a salad...but i was not blessed with this is HUGE for me!! my boys won't touch anything with even a shred of lettuce...but here, they drank an entire cup!!!!! i'm so excited!

TIPS: i did NOT make this in front of the boys...
and i did NOT tell them there was spinach in it.
i DID tell them that it tasted like a banana smoothie...
but i made it green cuz i'm a super cool mom, and i know they love the incredible hulk.
i did have to make them try it...but after one sip...they were sold.
and here's the result!!

i know, i know...that looks awful...but i'm showing you this so you know that my picky picky PICKY boys all drank a full cup....and loved it.

i will say, that i would have added a little more juice to make it was kinda thick, and that made it harder for me to drink (knowing what was in it)....but this is just too creative to not share with others!! a great healthy snack!


Mrs. Valente said...

My neighbor makes something like these and I've been meaning to ask her for the recipe. Thanks;)

Kristen's Raw said...

YAY for green smoothies and shakes!!! We love them in our family. :)