Sunday, March 23, 2014

spring break

spring break camping!! we had planned this trip with linda and terry months ago...we met them at lake tawakoni for several days of (rv) camping. we headed out about 11am on wednesday...
there was a leak in the camper, so we all went into town to get a part, and have dinner...we ate at a little hole in the wall called "gorditas express" was good, but the sopapillas were amazing!
its funny, cuz we when we camp, the boys want to spend more time in the camper...and we have to pretty much make them go outside! but late nights and early morning were pretty cold, so we played a lot of games and had some movie time...
on thursday we went into rockwall to meet joey and kyle and the boys...she is soooo pregnant with olivia, so they couldn't camp...but we got to have lunch and spend a little time with them...
this wall was higher than it appeared...i tried to get up there, but was too scared! :)
back to the campgrounds...we had dessert for dinner one rides...and fires!!

friday we attempted to go fishing...the boys got bored pretty fast...but i had fun trying! nobody caught anything...:( also got to do some exploring on the trails...and the lake...TONS OF FUN!!

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