Sunday, March 23, 2014

brotherhood surprise

the brotherhood wives got together and planned a surprise weekend together, and it had finally arrived! we picked a semi-central meeting point, ennis, and booked a hotel and none of the guys knew! 
the possibilities are ennis....:) 
 the marshalls kept our boys, and since they were picking them up from school, we left early and i planned a few stops on our way to our destination....

first stop was lunch at was the number one place to eat in Fairfield...super delish!
next stop...russell stover outlet store in corsicana...granddad always had these chocolates out when we would visit him as i was just intriqued and wanted to see the place...and we left with a huge bag of chocolates...
we met up and everyone was successfully surprised!! we had dinner at "firehouse grill"...the number one place to eat in was the perfect atmosphere for our group!
after and icecream and coffee run, the rest of the evening was spent chilling in the lobby area and just catching up (until the boys hit the hot tub around midnight)...we could literally all just talk for hours on end! we broke out some wine, and had our massive box of chocolates to munch on! 
the next morning was breakfast at the hotel...and more chatting....then we headed to waxahachie for lunch at "the dove's nest"...a quaint little tearoom type place...they literally had the BEST chocolate pecan pie! YUM. and then we parted ways...deciding that this was going to be a new annual tradition!

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