Monday, June 17, 2013

what's next

on a mission now to determine what food tysen is allergic to that is causing his esophagitus. the allergist said that typically with his condition, its a slower reacting allergy. not your typical hives or vomitting or worse. its a slowly induced allergy, so he was skeptical that we would find any results from skin testing...but that's the first step. this is the 3rd time we have undergone skin pricking...logan and ian have both done it as well. tysen  did great...the first few his face was just in shock, but as they continue, it slowly turns to tears. he didn't fight the dr at all...just laid there and cried. it was so strong...but it was so sad. as the dr. suspected, we got zero results. our next step that we will do in a few weeks is a different type of patch testing. we do that in a couple of weeks. we shall see!

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