Monday, June 17, 2013

beginning of summer

summer has been in full force for a few weeks now. we love the pool...but also get tired of it if we go too much...the challenge is to keep everyone busy so they don't get bored and pick on each other. we go to the library, pool, gym, etc....
on one visit tysen and uncle thomas were twinkies!!
 also trying to start taking the boys on dates with me. andy takes them on mondays one at a time for donuts and i have them all day, but we do something special here and there just one on one. logan and i went out for shakes....our favorites are from jack in the box...the chocolate oreo cookie shake...
 we randomly ran into the lenards! we were in town for my family reunion and were at a park in plano...they were close by and happened to stop. small world!! but fun to get to visit with them a little!
 these are the 3 musketeers from 2nd grade. austin crump and tyler prince. these 3 are best buds....austin just moved, but hoping tyler sticks around for awhile...:) 
 beating the heat. its just so hot in the afternoon, so the boys find their own ways to stay active indoors. they have been pitching to each other across the living room with tennis balls. 

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