Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the allergy revealed

we did the barium swallow...we did the scope and biopsy... there was an official diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitus...we did the prick testing on tysen searching for food allergies. nothing turned up there, so we moved on to atopy patch testing. they used fresh foods and placed them on these tiny patches all over his back. he had to wear it for 2 days...then we pulled them off to see if there's any skin irritation. after 48 hours, there was an obvious spot...and then after 72 hours, we check again...and there were a few more. the worst allergen was MUSTARD. (good to know, but not a big deal, cuz nobody in our family eats mustard.) then not as bad, but definitely a reaction was pork, turkey, and pineapple. what?!? guess he's gonna be a chicken and beef kinda guy! there were very minor spots that indicated possible very minor allergies of corn, peas, and we will also avoid those. soooo thankful to be moving forward! we may try some natural methods to eliminate the allergies at some point...but for now, i'm going to cut them from his diet and get him off the reflux meds to make sure that his tummy problems have gone away. so grateful for answers!

these were the vials they placed the fresh food in...then used a syringe to put them on the tiny patches. we tested 80 different foods!!!
all taped up! he complained of it being itchy or burning at times...but we would just distract him, and he was fine. he wore this for two days...and quite honestly...the WORST part was removing all the tape and the patches. his skin is so sensitive...and after two days, it was really stuck on there good. he cried, but recovered quickly after we finally finished because i came armed with gummy worms!
this was the day after the patches were removed. the red irritations inside the little white boxes are where there's an allergy. (the purple dots were just a marker...the dr. marking where the patches would be placed) his poor sensitive...but it did make it very easy to see where the patches and irritations were! the upper right hand corner was pineapple, and pork and turkey were on the upper left side. the lower right corner was mustard. it was the last thing he tested. now, 3 days after removing the patches, the pork, turkey, and pineapple areas are like little spots of eczema, but the mustard spot looks like a scab from a burn.
you can see a little better here how bad the mustard was....glad none of us like it!

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