Saturday, January 16, 2010

love or in love?

so, we are headed out the door to the gym this morning, and the boys are getting their jackets on:
ian: "i really hope abby is there today." (referring to our little friend, abby naylor, who we played with at the playground yestarday)
logan: "me too." (nodding in a very serious way)
ian: "yeah, i really love her" (slipping one arm into his jacket)
logan: "you love her?" (with a little disbelief and attitude in the tone and face)
ian: "yeah, i do." (with a slight sigh, and raised shoulders as if he just admitted something super serious)
logan: "like, you love her? or you are in love with her?"
ian: "just i love her" (and they continued to just turn around and walk away to the car.)

ok. first of all...this story doesn't do justice without seeing the hilarious expressions on their faces--but i couldn't justify not recording it...and second of the heck does logan already know the 'difference' between love and in love?

they are growing up way too fast...

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Anonymous said...!!! I LOVE this... so incredibly sweet. I'm so excited they've gone from having a sing-off to loving each other :)