Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First post of the new year

well...this is my first post for 2010. this year was bound to start with us running full speed, as andy started a 1-week class on jan. 4th. ya know, he leaves at 7, and gets home at 6 routine all week....he's in class all day, so his brain is frying like eggs....i still don't know how he does it. he amazes me.

logan started back to school, and though we were ready on monday (and even showed up for school), he started on tuesday of this week. he's so glad to be back...but said he got in trouble today for pushing....that's out of character for him, but he was up a lot last night due to his sick brother...i had to drag him out of bed this morning, which is very rare.

tysen has been so sick. a cold turned sinus infection, but not before he gave the cold to me...he's finally on an antibiotic so i'm hoping to see some improvement, cuz long weeks with andy so busy, are worse when we are stuck at home. and its freezing outside. it is nice to have cuddle time, since that only happens when he's sick...but i'd prefer that to be during the day and not at 2am. :)

ian is just great. he's my easy kid right now. goes with the flow. we made rice krispie treats today, though he mainly just wanted a bowl of marshmellows. he has spent a lot of the day boxing with his shadow...oh, if you could all just sit and watch the movie of 'ian'...he's so entertaining!

i'm on a new mission to cook more! i'm tired of fast food (though eating out is one of my favorite things to do)...we had chicken wraps on sunday, grilled chicken and potatoes on monday, taco macaroni last night, and tonight is chicken salad sandwiches (or turkey for the boys)...has to be something i can pack up and take with us to church. tomorrow night is stroganoff spaghetti and meatballs and friday will be 3-bean chili....i want to start a cooking club where we all share our menus for the week .... might give us all good ideas and new recipes to try. still working on that.....

well, there's a lot of nothing, really, but i felt like writing something to start the 2010 blog....:):) next time i'll try to have pictures cuz they are way more fun!:)


Mrs. Valente said...

Fun idea about the cooking club! You should definitely do that!:)

Around here? Hmmm...we're having a lot of pb and j and cereal lately because Brian is almost never here long enough to eat (he's on a crazy winter schedule too). Last night we had stir fry and the night before that we had split pea soup. Tonight...pancakes!:)

Whitney said...

A cooking club would be a great idea for you. I resolved a few years ago to try one new recipe a week and so far most have been good and a lot have been keepers. Are you still dealing with food allergies? That makes it harder!

The Vandy's said...

thankfully, the only allergy left is ian's its a lot easier to be able to make a rendition of what i'm making for ian....:)

Keri Thorkildsen said...

Hey I've always wanted to be in a cooking club! You should do it-it would be a blast. Love the blog. Just thought I'd say hi.