Tuesday, October 11, 2016

september fly by

september wasn't too eventful. it was a nice month that wasn't racing constantly...
middle school dance. this was ian's first...he wasn't too thrilled, but did go, and said it was ok. of course my guys aren't big on dancing, so when they are 'forced' they will dance...but only with a couple people. i'm ok with it. let the social awkwardness reign. andy says we can work on that when they get older. :):)
logan danced with faith (our neighbor)...i think maybe one other dance, but that's it...:)
mom came in town for my birthday, and i don't know why i didn't get any pictures. we just hung out and went to eat at grub burgers...our favorite place for a burger and shake. the next day, my girl leaders surprised me and picked me up for dessert! we indulged on pazookies, and then did an impromptu trip to a tattoo parlor to get my ear pierced. i had done the middle part of my right ear already, but it wasn't a good piercing, so i took it out and did the opposite side and got it done right. such a pain...but i do love it!!! :)
fun shot of our leaders this year. everyone is so close and has so much fun together. we are so blessed, and always amazed at how the Lord brings these people into our lives. we love them like our own kids!!! and it's weird to be in a stage where we almost could be there parents! yikes!
kazee girl time. went to waco for the day, and just shopped and had a quaint lunch. always great!!

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