Wednesday, May 11, 2016

the 8th year of tysen

oh this little guy makes us smile so much. he is tender hearted and loving to the nth degree. he tells me all his stories...and everything that happened that day. he hates being alone...constantly wanting a friend, brother, or anyone to play with him or at least be in the same room. he loves JESUS with an absolute child-like faith... he is a planner...and had a written plan for his birthday by april 1st. but he is also flexible...and will just go with the flow. he eats an apple (and sometimes 2) every day...loves chicken nuggets and desperately wants to eat cheetos and doritoes but they hurt his tummy since he is still allergic to corn. he loves to can always count on a song when he is in the bathroom or shower...:) he serves his brothers without them asking, and would do anything for his mom and dad. his heart amazes me....and he is SO loved.
happy birthday ty-man!!!
for his birthday, he wanted to go to los cucos, and then get slushies instead of cake. he invited 3 of his buddies (gideon, emery, and will)...and we set out...pulled up to the restaurant, and los cucos had no power! bah! we ended up at freddy's next door....and he also changed his mind about the slushies and decided he wanted spoons icecream instead....:)

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