Wednesday, May 11, 2016

first weekend in may

ian finally decided what he wanted to do for his 10 year trip with dad...go to a trampoline park! well, easy peesy....we booked a hotel, and sent them on their way...they went to a movie the night before and enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the hotel. saturday was the trampoline park followed by lunch at golden corral....and an extra surprise...zach and uncle brian came to join them! zach and ian are only 2 weeks apart, and have been best friends since birth....we have never lived in the same city together, but they have a deep brotherly love that i expect to last a lifetime. i LOVE that they have cousins that they adore and love. what a special for ian with his dad!!!!!
mother's day!! the day i get to take pictures and they can't complain! :) they had some sweet gifts for me that i opened the night before...and then we went to cotton patch for lunch, followed by the captain America 3 movie!!
the more realistic picture of my life...
my new shirt that sports how much i love being a mom to all boys!!

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