Monday, January 6, 2014

christmas part 2

as usual, christmas was filled with family...and some jumping around in between...we started on christmas day at the vanderveers...but i don't have any pictures cuz linda took all our phones. :) 
the next day we were at mom's for our crazy time there...aubren brought her karaoke microphone, so there was  a lot of dancing and singing...i finally got to hold my hattie since i was not sick (at the moment). 

friday night was kevin and taylor deals wedding....that was really fun to be a part of...and there were a lot of faith bible extra fun hang time!

our christmas present from ana and papaw was season passes to 6Flags! on saturday, the whole family went together! super fun....we were going to go again, but monday i came down with the flu...kyle and joey took the boys a second time, but i was sick, and andy wasn't feeling great, so we stayed home. i was pretty miserable, and just wanted to be home, so sadly, we came home two days early and had to miss several things we had planned with friends. :( so tired of illness ruining my christmas! but before the illness struck, we had a lot of fun! we had some big news in the vanderveers too! kyle and joey are having a GIRL...which is huge! and adam is engaged to yvette!! congrats to both of them!

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